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This deck of cards, originally created by EDAMI, introduced chance into the chess game, with very simple rules and keeping the essence of the game intact.

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EDAMI it features a very special deck of cards: Letters of Fortune. They have been so named because their purpose is precisely to introduce luck into the development of a chess game.

For this new improved version, the opinions of our customers have been taken into account, so that some letters have been removed and others added, and the rules have been considerably simplified.


The deck includes two cards with the rules for use, which are very simple. The full rules can be found on the EDAMI



Competitive chess is a demanding sport, in which the player must assume defeat as something individual, and learn to manage the associated negative emotions. When chess is introduced at school or in the family, there is a danger that the competitive side will be given too much prominence over the playful side. With this, some children are chased away, intimidated by the confrontation to “life or death” that each game poses. Students with slower development also tend to lose interest quickly, or those learning from an older sibling suffer one setback after another. In chess, luck does not intervene, and the best usually prevail with a mathematical regularity.


By using the cards, by introducing the luck factor into the chess game, we achieve several objectives simultaneously:

  • We lower the competitive component and enhance chess as something fun.
  • We allow one student to occasionally defeat others at a higher level.
  • We introduce an element that enriches the game, presenting new challenges and situations that will require creativity and improvisation.


It is important to note that chess with cards should not completely replace traditional chess. The use of letters should be dosed according to the pedagogical objectives pursued. The cards can be used within the classroom, with the teacher's guidance, or directly by two players without supervision, although in the latter case it is recommended that they have some experience in their use or read the rules well, to avoid disputes over their interpretation.

To whom are they addressed

The cards are suitable for players of any age, although it will be the youngest who get the most benefits from their use. The recommended age for using basic level cards is from 6 years.

Form of use

It is normal to use one deck per game, although a single deck can be shared between two games, with the cards in one or two decks. The monitor can set up its own deck, combining the cards as it sees fit. As a general guide some usage rules are provided, but these can be modified by the monitor or by agreement between players. At the end of these rules are some alternative game modes.


  • It's the first time
  • Idea and concept: GM Miguel Illescas
  • Edited by Carlos J. Penín
  • Drawings by David Revilla,
  • Printed by CartaMundi.
  • The copyright: EDAMI (Chess Education and Technology SL).

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Team EDAMI (drawings by David Revilla)
No Pages
56 cards with instructions in a plastic box
Year published
New version 2022
66 x 88mm. high quality plastic
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