360 clases de ajedrez en video

La gigantesca biblioteca de ajedrez EDAMI de 150 horas de vídeo.

Todas las áreas temáticas: aperturas, medio juego, finales, partidas modelo, consejos, entrenamiento, etc.
♚ Vídeo a la carta con 360 clases, agrupados en 354 vídeos. Más de 150 horas de grabación (300 gigabytes) en alta resolución 1920x1080.
♚ Y de regalo, el CURSO en PDF (2.100 pág.) con una edición de lujo y el fichero PGN con más de 2.500 partidas, posiciones y ejercicios.
♚ Índice y muestras gratuitas.
♚ Reseña del producto.

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A veritable encyclopedia of the mid-game and finals.

The team of graduates from EDAMI, led by GM Miguel Illescas, has made these 360 practical classes. The result is an incredible library that covers many of the most important topics that the amateur can dream of to improve their game with ease: model openings, tactics, strategy and endings.

What's in each class?

Each lesson deals with a different subject and is made up of the same training pattern: detailed explanation of the subject, development of the subject through an extensively discussed top-level master piece, complementary master pieces and, where appropriate, battery of exercises and practical advice.

What if I want to search for a specific topic?

In addition to the sequential index of classes, we have created a special thematic index. In this way, it will be easy for the amateur to locate specific topics of interest, for example: attacks on the king in the center, opposing rounds, sacrifices on h6, etc.

Indices of free samples

The information dossier includes the download of the complete indexes, as well as access to videos and PDFs of various sample classes.

High quality audiovisual material

The 360 classes contain more than 150 hours of high-quality HD 1920x1080 video recording. All classes have been commented by the well-known FIDE master Óscar de Prado, author of the bestseller "The London-Pereyra System". Such an amount of material occupies more than 300 gigabytes, so they are only accessible through high-speed streaming on VIMEO.

Figures that make you dizzy

360 360 chess classes ♚ +300 gigabytes. ♚ + 150 hours of video 1920x1080 HD in high speed streaming on VIMEO. 2500 items and exercises in PGN format, compatible with ChessBase.What. ♚ PDF book with 2,106 pages. ♚ Numerical and thematic indexes of the 360 classes.

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360 videos + 2,106 pages. + 2,500 games
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