Accessories for the transportation of boards and pieces. Fun chess games, like the exclusive Dragon and Lucky Cards.

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The dragon, the new piece that moves like a Knight and bishop. Two units are included, black and white, with instructions in a fancy organ bag. He 's seven centimeters tall The rules are very simple: the game starts...
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New version Ajedrez21! Give your games more excitement! This deck of cards, originally created by EDAMI, introduced chance into the chess game, with very simple rules and keeping the essence of the game intact....
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New English version 2023! A plus in family education! This deck of cards IN ENGLISH, created by EDAMI, introduces chess in the family and schools in a fun way, and it will allow you to practice common terms of the...
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Elegant satin bag to store up to 32 pieces of No. 5. They are light, soft to the touch, resistant and very durable. Hand wash with mild soap. Parts not included.
40 reviews
Elegant dyed wooden box to store the chess pieces. Includes two black and white compartments. Little one: 195 x 130 x 75 mm . Up to 32 pieces 5 or 34 pieces 4 (double queen) Median: 205 x 140 x 75 mm . Up to 34 pieces...
21 reviews
Velvet bag for keeping the pieces. Size: No 6+ --> 22 x 30 cm. (up to 34 pieces no. 6)
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Carrier bag for boards DGT, with the usual quality of the dutch manufacturer. It contains space for the board, pieces, clock and accessories. It carries two bags for pieces, ideal for transporting boards and pieces...
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Walnut box for storing chess pieces, in a luxurious finish for the most demanding. Includes two compartments, black and white Size: Large size: 240 x 150 x 85 mm - Pieces not 6 or not 5+ double queen Size XL: 240 x...
The dragon, the new piece that moves as a knight and bishop. Two units, black and white, are included with an instruction letter in an elegant cloth bag. The rules are very simple: the game starts normally, with the...
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Elegant beech and birch case dyed mahogany. The box has been equipped with an insertion tray for chess pieces. It can easily store 32 size 5 chess pieces. Size: 33,2x26,5x5,one inch. COMMENTS: It does not include the...
3 reviews
Economical pine wooden box of excellent quality. Size: Medium size: 32 pieces not 4. Large size: 32 pieces not 6 or 34 not 5+ double queen Size XL: 34 pieces not 6 double ladies
7 reviews
Side-opening pine wooden box, with very good finishes, including a light varnish. The 9 mm thickness of the wood and joints ensures structural integrity against height falls and/or light/moderate strength. Size (mm):...
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Magnetic pieces in red and black specially designed for use on murals like this one: Magnetic coil;ideal for teaching chess. Stored in an airtight plastic bag. NOTE: the mural is not included.
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Paintable chess is an ideal product for schools, clubs and schools, as well as for family play. It's a chess game with some fancy pieces and a board/board of 42x42cm with a chess manual in spanish and english, two...
Easily washable orange fabric bag to store your wooden or plastic pieces. It has a comfortable white cord closure.



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